Original Music

We create authentic and emotional music. Our Producers, Leigh Salzman and Lauren Pecorella, work with Managing Director, Bonny Dolan, to insure that the process is fair, well managed, and timely. Even though we’re spread across the country, Comma’s family of composers, producers, and supervisors work together as a cohesive team. We’ve worked with many world-class orchestras, musicians, and singers. Our composers have extensive guitar and vintage synthesizer collections—to say nothing of our deep mic and preamp closet. To sum it up: Comma prides itself on delivering great sound and great music.

Comma Creative Directors/Founders, Bryan Rheude and Larry Pecorella, are the best in their league when it comes to the craft of understanding how music should work with picture.

At the end of the day, Comma is here to create something new, to explore, to experiment, to start over, to take some left turns. Often, music is best served by trial and error; here at Comma, we are not afraid to let the process take us where it will.






Music Strategy

Smart companies now think of their music as more than just the underscore behind their commercials. Music is a powerful force for engaging your audience. Similarly, a distinctive musical voice can help define who and what a brand is. Comma’s producers, composers, and supervisors can help you think about these issues and come up with a comprehensive music strategy for your brand or production.






Music Supervision

When licensing an existing track from an artist or band is the best choice for your creative, look no further than Comma Sync. Our supervision team—Michael Paoletta and Bonny Dolan—is the best at tracking down great and unique options, and then negotiating and securing the best deal.


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Music Catalog

The Comma Collection is our ever-evolving and constantly growing library of licensable tracks. It is a personal and authentic collection of songs by our in-house composers and favorite composer friends. Make no mistake, this is not your mama’s needle-drop. Everything is pre-cleared. And since we own the sessions to all of the tracks, everything is editable or customizable.

We are always happy to do a quick search for you. Of course, give us extra time and we’ll even edit a search to picture—a task that we happen to think is a rarely honed craft.

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Sound Design

The line between music and sound design can be a blurry one. Still, we are experts at navigating this hazy area. Our partners at Particle are truly innovative and talented sound designers and post mixers.

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Latin producer, Luz Agudelo, is Comma’s portal to the ever-expanding HCM landscape. We produce a steady stream of content for HCM agencies, both on the music and post audio sides.

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