Music Supervision

artist liaison

Comma Sync is headed by industry favorite Michael Paoletta, along with our Managing Director, Bonny Dolan.

Through his 10-plus years at Billboard magazine, where he was the Brand Marketing Editor and Dance/Electronic Music Editor, Michael has seen trends in the supervision game come and go. But one thing that hasn’t changed is an understanding of how music and picture can work together to create something greater than the sum. It takes a combination of musical/artistic instinct and a deep contact list. Michael has both.

Bonny, too, brings her own talents. She is known as one of the best connectors in the business: a trait that is priceless when dealing with disparate forces on the way to securing a desired track.

Comma Sync does extensive music searches among all major and indie labels and publishers. We also negotiate and secure the best sync and license fees.

Additionally, Comma Sync curates a focused showcase series as a venue to introduce new artists to the community—as well as offering an intimate setting for some marque performers.


Artist Showcases